Gaining a competitive edge is one thing. Maintaining it requires some additional tools. Glen has cracked the code on what is needed to create organizational preeminence. I congratulate him for not only writing this book but also for sharing his insights and wisdom with all of us. It is a timely read.

Andy Stanley
Author, Communicator, and Founder of North Point Ministries

Like every book, in part, it is a window in to the author. For that opportunity alone, it is worth reading. Read it with your pen, pencil or cursor at the ready to underline key passages.

Frank Blake
Former Chairman and CEO of The Home Depot

Glen takes his unique ability to capture insight from great leaders and provides the thought leadership for you to build a playbook that will help you upgrade your organization’s drive for continued success. His notion of the value of preeminence will challenge you to improve yourself and your company.

Kevin Smith
Chief Marketing Officer, Rollins, Inc.

About the Author

Glen Jackson

Glen Jackson is the co-founder of Jackson Spalding, a leading marketing communications agency in the U.S. The agency’s clients include Delta Air Lines, Rollins, Chick-fil-A, The Coca-Cola Company, Primrose Schools, Mattress Firm, Toyota and Interstate Batteries. Jackson Spalding has been recognized within its industry as one of the best places to work and is known for its client-service focus as well as its commitment to the various communities it serves.


The Story Behind The Book


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